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Privacy statement Treb Horecalinnen

Your privacy is of great importance to us. We adhere to the privacy law. This means that your data is safe with us and that we always use it properly. In this privacy statement we explain what we do with information that we learn about you if you use our services on

If you have questions, and want to know exactly what we keep track of you, please contact us.

Date of last update: 23 May 2018


Collection of Privacy data

If you use our platform and ask a question or place an order, you must provide your personal details. With this we can answer your question and process your order.

We store this information in order to speed up a subsequent order. We keep part of this data because of the legal tax retention obligation.

We only have the right to process personal data if this can be based on at least 1 of the 6 AVG bases. We base our right on the bases 'permission' and 'agreement'. These read as follows:


Freely given

You cannot put someone under pressure to give permission. For example, by hurting someone if he or she does not give permission. Pay attention to power relations: for example, an employee can hardly refuse a question from his employer.


There must be a clear active action. For example, a (digital) written or oral statement. In any case, it must be absolutely clear that permission has been granted. You may not start from the principle 'who is silent, agrees'. The use of pre-checked boxes is therefore not allowed. An example is our newsletter: If you place an order, you may wish to receive our newsletter. If you unsubscribe from our newsletter, we will delete your e-mail address from the list of recipients.


You must inform people about:

  1. The identity of you as an organization;
  2. The purpose of any processing for which you request permission;
  3. What personal data you collect and use;
  4. The right that they have to revoke consent. You must offer the information in an accessible form. It must also be understandable so that someone can make an informed choice. That means you must use clear and simple language.


Permission must always apply to a specific processing and a specific purpose. If you, as an organization, have multiple purposes in the processing, you must inform the data subject about this and ask the person concerned for permission separately for each purpose. The goal may not change over time.

It must be just as easy for people to withdraw the consent if it was to give the permission. You must be able to demonstrate that you have obtained valid permission.


Sometimes you need permission

Please note that you do not process personal data that is not necessary for the execution thereof. Do you do that? In that case, you must have valid permission or a different basis.

Example: If you sell a product online, you must process address data to deliver the product to someone. Do you also want to use the personal data to analyze the buying behavior of someone? In that case you must have valid permission from the person concerned.


Are personal data really necessary for compliance with the agreement with every individual involved? Make sure you can properly substantiate that you can base yourself on this basis. Under the AVG you have an accountability.


We will provide your personal data to other companies or agencies if this is necessary for our service or if we are legally obliged to do so. The parties we need for the implementation of the agreement are:

  • Our ICT and payment service providers
  • Administrative service providers
  • Shippers of packages
  • (API) Partners
  • Tax authorities
  • Other government agency that is entitled to it

Personal data can be provided by us to competent authorities, if the law says that this must be done. An example is that in the event of a suspicion of fraud, a report can be made to the police.


In addition, we can use the personal email address to advertise on platforms such as Facebook, Google, Marketplace and similar companies. The advertising platform uses the data purely and simply to be able to point ads to a comparable target group.

The advertising platform may use the data solely for us and our advertising campaign and therefore not for personal purposes. The use of your data for this purpose is based on the legitimate interest we have in the use of this type of marketing tools. If you object to this use, please contact us via the details below.

Personal data

Based on the aforementioned principles, we collect the following data:

  • Company Name
  • Contact
  • E-mail address
  • Phone number
  • Billing address
  • Delivery address


Security of personal data is of great importance to us. We ensure that your data is properly protected with us. In close cooperation with the manager of our systems we always adjust security and pay attention to what can go wrong. We as a company, stick to the concept of privacy by default. This means that we take technical and organizational measures to ensure that we, as a standard, only process personal data that is necessary for the specific purpose.

Reporting duty data leaks

On January 1, 2016, the notification requirement will enter data leaks. This duty to report means that organizations (both companies and authorities) must report immediately to the Dutch Data Protection Authority as soon as they have a serious data breach. And in a number of cases they must also report the data breach to the data subjects (the people whose personal data have been leaked).

You have the right to:

  • Get an explanation of what personal data we have and what we do with it
  • To gain insight into the exact personal data we have
  • Correcting mistakes
  • The removal of outdated personal data
  • Withdraw permission that you have given
  • Object to a specific use

Please note that you always clearly state who you are, so that we can be sure that we do not modify or delete data from the wrong person.

Changes to this privacy statement

When our service changes, we have to adjust the privacy statement. Always pay attention to the date of the privacy statement and check regularly for new versions. We will do our best to announce significant changes separately.

Access, change and delete your data

If you have questions or want to know what personal information we have about you, you can always contact us. See the contact details under this statement.

Comments or complaints?

If you feel that we are not helping you in the right way, you have the right to file a complaint with the supervisor in the country where you are located.

Contact details

Treb Horecalinnen

Aristoteleslaan 123

1277 AR Huizen - The Netherlands


Responsible for all information: Treb Consultancy BV, represented by Mr. H. van Wingerden, Director

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